Dog park etiquette


Disputes between dogs are often based on territorial and dominance issues. If your dog is desexed, these situations are less likely to occur. Some dog parks deny access to dogs that are not desexed.
You are responsible for your dog’s behaviour
Off-lead dog parks are not an excuse to let your dog play unhindered! As the owner, you are responsible for closely supervising your dog’s behaviour at all times. Your dog must not be allowed to harass, intimidate, attack, stalk, mount or body-slam any other dogs. If your dog is not acting in a sociable manner, remove it from the dog park. It only takes one dog to upset the balance at a dog park – do not let that dog be yours.
Behavioural issues
Dogs can easily develop undesirable behavioural issues. Owners often unknowingly reward negative behaviour such as jumping up. Many healthy
dogs are destroyed each year because their owners have not taken the time to understand their behaviour. In this case problems can escalate to a point where the owner can no longer deal with the dog. If your dog develops a habit or behaviour which is affecting your lifestyle and you are unable to find a solution,
it is essential that you immediately seek professional help from your vet or a qualified dog behaviourist or trainer.

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