Ignore unwanted behavior and encourage desired behavior


It’s simple to respond to undesired conduct by yelling or chasing your cat far from the couch she’s scratching or perhaps the plant she is chewing. But this reaction truly can be just the attention your cat is seeking, and by yelling or chasing, you have just unknowingly inspired the conduct you are trying so hard to prevent. As a substitute of reacting to your scratching or biting, dismiss the conduct completely. When your cat gets no response from you, she will inevitably proceed to a more interesting exercise (like napping or taking in).

You also can encourage fantastic habits. When your cat takes advantage of the scratching article
or lies around a cat companion she previously disliked, you should definitely give her treats or Animals or engage her in Enjoy. By associating foods, affection and Enjoy with excellent
behavior, you will be making certain that the cat will repeat the desired behavior. Continually
ignoring unwelcome conduct while encouraging ideal conduct will convey
about prolonged-term transform within your cat!

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